About Us

The Trust was founded in 1985 to fund law cases to protect the unborn child. These cases lasted from 1985-1997. When the X Case Supreme Court decision struck in 1992, the Trust founded and funded the Pro-Life Campaign to meet the new situation, It founded it as a limited company based on its National Executive and its Convenors overseeing each Constituency. The Trust continued over the years since then, quite distinct from the Pro-Life Campaign, which it helped fund over the years up to 2016.

Change to charitable status: At the end of 2015, the Gardai in many areas said that they would not give licenses for Churchgate collections to PLT unless it became a Charity. Revenue would not grant it charitable status unless it changed its aims and objectives and commented that most of its income was going for political purposes. As a result, PLT joined up with Second Look Project and adopted its policy of no direct political activity appropriate to a Charity. It reports annually to Revenue and to the Charity Regulator.

Use of Funds

A small amount of PLT’s assets goes to the Second Look Project. Most of the balance goes to projects of small groups or individuals providing they were educational or caring, not directly political and their purpose is to protect the unborn child. We donated for the dissemination of accurate pro-life information to clergy of all faiths, politicians and laypeople. We have donated for making pro-life videos, for lectures in schools and pregnancy advisory services.

What of the Future?

Like the Past, the Future is a different country. We are faced with a Government without any Christian feelings, a deformed sense of values which does not see the unborn child as a human being with rights. Incredibly, this also Liberties and human rights groups And the Government spurns the conscientious rights of others, doctors, hospitals, medical staff and pro-life pregnancy agencies which will not be funded if they do no cooperate with abortion.


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