To view or download the bill: Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018, please visit the Library webpage.

What our Government is planning

  1. To have abortion on demand up to 12 weeks.
  2. To have it virtually on demand from 12 week to birth for various reasons.
  3. All abortions to be paid for by Irish tax-payer.
  4. No rights of conscientious objection to doctors, nurses and para-medics.
  5. Religious hospitals cannot refuse to allow abortions.
  6. Pregnancy counselling centres must refer for abort or lose funding
  7. If counselling centres give the negative effects of abortion they are called “rogues”.

Negative Effects of Abortion

In another part of this website you will find you various studies on abortion and its negative effects. Of particular interest are studies performed in Finland and Denmark, and recently repeated in parts of the United States. There is also a copy of the Abortion Bill,

Ireland’s present position on abortion

Abortions have been declining for the past 16 years and it is one of the lowest rates in the world/ The rate in England and Wales is five times higher than ours The unborn child is a living human being and to kill him/her at any stage is murder whether the State recognises it as so or not.. Copies of representations made to the Government and evidence of some foreign efforts to impose abortion on Ireland.