Notes on the Ireland of Today

We are faced by an Ireland today where the Catholic Church and indeed all Christian religions are denigrated constantly by the media, particularly State-funded RTE. .We are about to face the murder of unborn babies on Irish soil, paid for by the tax-payer. The campaign to bring this about worked on lies—the case of Savita was cited again and again by the Together for Yes Campaign. This was endorsed by Varadaker and Harris despite their knowing that four different investigative committees had cleared the 8th Amendment of any blame.

One cannot trust Members of Government who lie so brazenly about facts. That, a biased media and so-called Citizens Assemblies brainwashed the Irish People with fake information.. And there will be worse to come.

Democracy only works where people share a common history and values. If we value the Catholic Church and its teachings, we must stand up for them and promulgate them. We must also see to it that Catholic teaching is taught in our schools in all its certainty and beauty. We must also ensure that these values are respected by the State. To do that we need organisation, hard work, to speak the truth without fear and not to be cowed by Political Correctness – that great enemy of free speech.

One must applaud the 19 Deputies who voted NO or abstained on the abortion legislation. The Dail needs more Members of integrity.
Best wishes on your most necessary work.